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Well-stocked pharmacy with drugs from reputable pharmaceuticals run by experienced pharmacists open 24 hours a day.

The Nairobi South Hospital has a well-stocked pharmacy that issues prescribed medication to all outpatient and inpatients.

Our Promise
  • To ensure each patient receives the safest and most effective medication at an affordable cost.
  • To provide outstanding pharmaceutical care necessary for the best management of patients’ condition.
  • Ensure patient safety during drug administration through use of innovative technology and drug use policies.
  • Advise patients on use of prescribed medicine, required dosage and best way to store medicine for optimal effect.
  • Exceptional client relations at all times.
The Pharmacy
  • The Pharmacy is certified and approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya.
  • It is responsible for dispensing 200 prescriptions per day making it one of the busiest departments in the hospital.
  • The highly skilled pharmacy staff operate an intelligent software that keeps tabs on stock levels and expiry dates of drugs.
  • The pharmacists also perform manual checks on the rugs to ensure they are fit for human consumption and ideal for patients’ best recovery.
  • The pharmacy operates 24 hours a day serving both in and out patients.
Our Team
  • All our pharmacy staff are qualified and certified to administer medicines.
  • They understand how medicines react to different groups and use their expertise to dispense medication in the right dosage and manner.
  • The hospital is committed in their continuous education to ensure they are at par with the outlined pharmacy standards.
Services Available at Our Pharmacy Include:
  • Preparing and issuing drugs to patients.
  • Clinical support towards using knowledge of medicine to provide best care of patients.
  • Ordering special drugs for treatment of patients with critical conditions.
  • Stock control and ordering of drugs to ensure constant availability.