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Intensive Care Unit

A 8-bed Critical care unit - well equipped Icu with the latest hi-tech precision instruments such as central monitor with multi-parameters,blood gas machine with round the clock doctors and ICU trained nurses looking after the patients.

The Nairobi South Hospital has an 8 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) providing the best care for patients with various life-threatening conditions.

Our promise
  • To provide the best management of patients requiring critical care through use of advanced medical equipment and highly qualified staff.
  • To ensue personalized and close monitoring of intensive care patients by providing a 1:1 ratio of medical staff to patient.
  • To provide timely and accurate diagnostics for best care of patient’s conditions.
  • Excellent client relations at all times.
  • Maintain strict patient confidentiality.
Our Team
  • The ICU is ran by a coordinated team if experienced critical care doctors, qualified nurses and select medical specialists working closely together to provide timely and efficient diagnosis treatment and monitoring of each patient.
  • Doctors at our ICU collaborate with top medical and surgical specialists in the region to ensure all patients receive the best care possible.
  • Our ICU staff are trained in advanced life support and continuously upgrade the skills to be at par with required medical standards.
  • The team is skilled to quickly recognize early signs or changes in the patient health allowing faster medical intervention which often saves lives.
The Facility
  • Our ICU is equipped with modern monitoring and medical machines that provide the best treatment for critically ill patients in one location.
  • The unit has put in place high cleanliness and infection control standards to prevent and minimize infections.
  • All medical staff working at the ICU are certified and registered by their respective national governing board.
  • The unit is operational 24 hours, always manned with qualified medical team.
The main services offered at the ICU include:
  • Critical care of patients with life threatening medical conditions
  • Inter-hospital critical care transfers.
  • Hemodynamic support